Vulcan Dining Table - Vulcan Landing Gear Dining Table Upcycled Aviation Furniture

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The Vulcan Dining Table is made from an original decommissioned landing gear parts from a Vulcan Aircraft. The table top was built in thick solid oak. The dining table will sit 6-8 people.

The Avro Vulcan, a remarkable piece of British engineering, was the first successful large delta wing aircraft and led directly to the development of Concorde and the Space shuttle. Powered by four Olympus jet engines, the Vulcan was Britain’s high altitude strategic bomber throughout the Cold War and its iconic shape is familiar to thousands XH558, “Spirit of Great Britain” was the final Vulcan to fly making it’s last flight in 2015. The Vulcan to the Sky Trust and its many thousands of supporters, keep XH558 alive, in a taxiable condition in its new home at Doncaster so she can honour the aerospace engineers and aviators of the past and inspire those of the future.

The Trust and DappR’s partnership allows you to purchase a genuine piece of aviation history, upcycled into beautiful furniture and sculptures whilst contributing to keeping XH558 “alive” for future generations

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