Piaff Champagne Half Trolley – Blue

This Half Trolley is made in Piaff Champagne Blue Wrap Around Style. The trolley comes with our standard interior; a plastic drawer, a chopping board and a hardwood top.


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The Dappr  Half Trolley Bar, originally a decommissioned hostess galley cart sourced from a number of different airlines. After years in service and covering millions of miles, they need a little TLC to bring them back to life. We restore the sides, fit new vinyl wrap to each side and the doors, and service the wheels and brakes. 

Each Dappr Trolley has a story to tell.  

The trolley can be utilised in a variety of ways; a mobile bar, coffee cart, or even a storage unit. How will you use yours? 

Each Trolley comes with our standard interior; plastic drawer, chopping board and a hardwood top. 

We have a selection of interior inserts that you can add to personalise your trolley, wine racks to coffee cup storage. 

If you would like to personalise your trolley vinyl wrap please contact us

  • Handmade
  • Materials
    metal, wood



105 cm


31 cm


41 cm



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