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Vulcan Bar   Vulcan Bar 


Xitable is working with DappR to create some unusual and unique products that we think you are going to love and they will be available exclusively through Xitable.

David Palmer - Founder of DappR Aviation said earlier today... "working with Xitable is going to allow us to bring some wonderfully unique products to market that will all be one-offs, even when they are limited editions. We are excited to be working on new projects as we speak, that will be launching through Xitable over coming weeks and months."

Nigel Reading - Founder of Xitable said... "finding DappR was one of life's luck stories for Xitable. I immediately knew I had found a company that would work with me to bring my ideas to life and as importantly, to the very high standard that I was looking for."

For more information - Click here, or please visit www.xitable.com