Glasshouse Girl


Glasshouse Girl upcycle vintage furniture and interiors from their studio in North London. They source, restore and redesign high-quality vintage furniture and interior accent pieces for your homes or offices.

DappR Aviation met Glasshouse Girl at the Home and Garden Festival at Olympia in July 2019, where a natural partnership formed based on shared interest and passions and since then we have been working together to produce wonderful re-imagined chairs and soft furnishings to complement DappR Aviation's desks and tables. 

DappR and Glasshouse Girl have been working together on Stock furniture and bespoke commissions, and collaborative projects. If you have something unique in mind, please contact us! 

Below are a few examples of complimentary furniture designs:


Polished Wing Bench by DappR  


   'Off My Rocker' Silver Modern Rocking Chair




   'Age of Aquarius' G-Plan Dining Chairs

Orange Window Coffee Table  

   Original 'Bristow Chanel' Easy Chairs


De Havilland Vampire Desk by DappR  


   Rainbow Stickback Chair


Yellow Tipped Desk by DappR      Yellow Ercol Fleur De Lys Chair