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Beautifully Engineered Aviation Parts

Aircraft and helicopters are designed to operate in extreme conditions, using materials and techniques at the forefront of innovation. New designs and improvements are always pushing the boundaries. With the rapid advancement of avionic, electronic and engine technologies, many of these planes become redundant and are superseded by newer more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly models.
At the end of an aircraft’s working life it is “harvested” for valuable parts which, after rigorous testing, certification and refurbishment can be reused as spares for other planes. The residual air frame, and parts that cannot be re-used or are redundant "whilst beautifully engineered" are destined for the scrap yard. That is until DappR intervene.
Sections Airbus A320     Outer Casing Close Up     Decommissioning Jet Engine Airbus
Interior Take Down Airbus A320     Interior Take Down     Wing Cuts

Premium Locally Sourced Timber

We pride ourselves on sourcing our beautiful woods within a few miles of our workshop. Helping to reduce our travelling time and also to decrease our carbon footprint. We are lucky enough to have a wide range of Oak, Cherry, Elm and Ash at out local raw wood supplier in Beccles. 
Oak Raw Tree     wood raw     raw wood
wood raw     raw wood     fresh cut wood