High Flyer Desk

gopr0275-1591523290767.jpgElectronic Sit-Stand Desk



DappR Aviation are pleased to announce the arrival of the High Flyer Sit/Stand Electronic Desk.


With so many people now working from home, why should we settle for a boring clinical sole-less desk when you can work on an absolute thing of beauty...to marvel at the twists, swirls and burrs of real natural Oak, Elm, Beech, Walnut, melded with the maelstrom of pigmented resin creating a truly unique and durable work environment.

And with the ergonomics and health effects of being able to adapt your desk height you can :

  • Reduce back pain
  • Lower your risk of heart disease
  • Lower your risk of weight gain
  • Maintain a healthy blood sugar and help avoid Diabetes
  • Improve your attention span and mood
  • Enjoy productivity gains by keeping on-line calls shorter and more focused.

DappR source our electronic frames from multiple sources to suit your budget and load-limit, and will build the desk top of your dreams:

  • Live Edge
  • Resin River effect
  • Range of colours and effects
  • Strengthened top wood surface using xxx

Drop Emily an email at emily@dappr-aviation.com and David and Emily will call you to help you design a desk that will take pride of place in your home/office that will last long after other "fabricated desks" have crumbled into soggy sawdust.