DappR Trolleys

Unique Airline Galley Trolleys


With everything we do at DappR Aviation, our aim is to breath new life into airline parts and materials, to let them serve us again with their strength and resilience. And to serve us again is what we have achieved by launching our DappR Trolleys.

Galley Trolleys are instantly recognisable as the workshorses delivering us our food and beverage (and duty-free of course) and if you think about the abuse they get you can imagine how well made they are, to not only be strong and durable, but also with minimum weight and need for servicing. 

The mix of aluminum, plastics and honeycomb composites make for a robust and versatile tool for the airline trade, and now can be re-tasked for our own homes, but with a bit of flare and panache by combining local sustainable woods and durable wraps to offer 100% unqie pieces of usable, useful art.


We have had a lot of fun at DappR thinking up new graphics designs and wood structures to incorporate, and now that we have dozens of raw trolleys just delivered, from airlines as far as China and as near as easyJet, we challenge our customers new and old to work with us to design a trolley that is unique and personal, safe in the knowledge they they will last long after we all start tele-porting everywhere rather than flying...ha ha.


Here are a coupld of trolleys we have just finished to celebrate Britishness and our capital city...watchers of Eastenders will likely recognise one of the trolley designs instantly.





And to give you some more ideas about what we can do, here is a selection of some recent commissions.






Lenny is partciularly proud of this Welsh Dresser made from three trolleys combined with best of British Oak.