Individual projects made to order

Commissions, when we get really creative, are often our most exciting projects. Here’s just a selection of some of our favourites.

Give us a call or come and visit us if you’ve got an idea for a big project or unique piece of furniture

Trailer Aero Pod made from Airbus A320 Fuselage

Green Office

Mobile Display Trailer

From Airbus A320 passenger jet fuselage built on prefabricated trailer. Hand crafted "gluelam" frame, double glazed bi fold doors and fully insulated.



Custom Built Office 

Desk, Seats, Clocks, and Accessories. From Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and BAE 146 passenger jet wings, fuselage parts, engine cowlings and hostess trolleys. Upcycled 1950's Blackburn Beverlay transport plane navigator seat. Finished with Suffolk Oak.


Rudder Garden Room

Storage Box BAE146 Wing Tip Desk

Environmentally Friendly Garden Office 

Airbus A310 passenger jet tail section roof. Reclaimed windows and doors from Liverpool Street Staition. 100% recycled wood frame and walls finished with lambswool insulation.

BAE 146 Wing Tip Desk

Desk base designed and made using original wooden packing cases for Puma Helicopter spare parts. Solid oak sculpted desk top capped with BAE 146 Wing Tips. 

Blackbird Sculpture


Lockheed SR71 Blackbird Sculpture

Hand made sculpture of the Mach 3 strategic reconnaissance aircraft first operated by the USAF in 1964. Created using a variety of upcycled aircraft parts and spares especially for an aviation enthusiast.

Concorde Wheel Shelf and Mirror

 Designed and created by Dappr for a pilot of the original supersonic jet airliner. Finished with Hand crafted oak and toughened glass.