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The High Flyer Desk

The standing desk has undoubtedly grown in popularity over the last few months as more people have been forced to work in unconventional situations and spaces at home. Now, Suffolk-based designers DappR Aviation are upping the game with the ultimate in stylish and functional sit-to-stand desk design.

Dappr Aviation are well-known for their highly innovative designs that make use of upcycled aviation parts, turning them into furniture, homeware and art. Combining an electronic sit-stand frame with natural, local woods, the High Flyer Desk, is both practical, sustainable and a real talking piece for your home or office.

“When choosing a standing desk, why settle for something clinical and soulless when you can sit or stand at an object of real beauty, to marvel at the twists, swirls and burrs of real natural Oak, Elm, Beech and Walnut, melded with the maelstrom of pigmented resin, creating a truly unique and durable work environment,” says DappR Aviation’s Neil MacDonald.

The benefits of a sit-to-stand desk are well documented and encourage people to adopt a healthier balance between standing and sitting, which can reduce back pain, lower the risk of heart disease, help to maintain healthy blood sugar and avoid Diabetes and even improve your attention span and mood.

Each High Flyer Desk by Dappr Aviation is made to order with a range of electronic frames to suit your budget and load-limit, as well as various wood and resin effects to best suit your design aesthetic.

“We even encourage our customers to come and see the desk being made, once the design has been agreed upon over a video-conference. During the design phase, we will discuss the different wood options and how we can work with the wood to provide the unique features you love, including Live Edges, Resin River effects, Surface Hardening techniques, and other treatments,” explains MacDonald.

It’s all part of Dappr Aviation’s ethos of creating one-of-a-kind statement pieces and their commitment to unsurpassed quality and personal care. Sustainability is also at the forefront of every design, with each piece built to last out of hardier-than-most materials.

“At the end of an aircraft’s working life it is “harvested” for valuable parts which, can either be reused as spares for other planes or made redundant - destined for the scrap yard. These aircraft and helicopters are designed to operate in extreme conditions, using materials and techniques at the forefront of innovation, which makes them the ideal choice for a highly unique and ultra-hardy furniture or art,” says MacDonald of his creative business model.

Watch the manufacturing process of the High Flyer Desk here!

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