DappR Aviation Supports Struggling Aviation Industry Creating Green and Sustainable Focused Apprenticeships

With both our aviation industry and youth feeling the dire effects of Covid-19, DappR Aviation takes a positive step-forward by creating an Apprenticeship scheme focused on our green credentials, to train our young people in engineering and craftsmanship skills and providing much needed revenue for aircraft maintenance operators.

Following up from DappR’s appearance on the popular “Plane Reclaimers” TV programme on Quest, where DappR were featured as a buyer of decommissioned aircraft parts to turn into furniture and art, Emily Palmer, Chief Designer at DappR, commented “we were heartened and relieved to note that our purchases provided much needed revenue and jobs for our blighted aviation industry”.

Although the additional funding for Apprenticeships announced in Rishi Sunak’s budget is welcome and desperately needed, DappR Aviation wanted to make sure that this initiative is broadened to ensure our young people are trained not only on the engineering aspects of production but also on how to manufacture using the greenest methods and most sustainable and eco-friendly materials. “Every item of furniture we make, from a coffee table to a Garden WorkPod uses wood from local sustainable sources with clear provenance on the source of the wood and how it is treated and handled to ensure we maintain our green-ethos”, noted Sam Palmer, DappR’s Engineering Manager.

DappR Aviation has a long history of supporting our youth who wish to enter the workplace, particularly those who lean toward a practical vocation. DappR provide tours and open days to students from local schools and colleges, to help familiarize them with workshop practices and methods, and ultimately to help our children appreciate the pleasure that comes from creating something with their own hands and talents.

Although the government do not currently recognise the Green or up-cycling industries as targets for apprenticeship schemes, it is our hope that by encouraging other local creative and engineering companies to join in with this new apprentice scheme, will lead to the government recognizing the value our industry brings and will then support our young people. DappR Aviation are pleased that we have already extended offers to our first applicants whom we hope will be starting with us in the coming weeks.

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