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Construction of the Aeropod

Dappr was tasked with the construction of another Aeropod, which is to become a mobile office. The two decommissioned aircraft fuselage frames (aviation grade aluminium), were rescued by Dappr to prevent them from being scrapped after service, giving them a new lease of life. 

The first stage was to join the two frames to create a single structure on a wooden base. When the frames were pushed together, a wooden block was placed where the frames met and secured in place using industrial glue. L-brackets were bolted into positions either side of ridges on the frames and the wooden block, securing the frames. 

The second stage was to bolt it down on the wooden base. This was carried out in the same way the frames were bolted together, except the L-brackets were bolted directly into the wooden base and the frame ridges. 

Wooden planks were placed along the inside edge of the two frames where the entrance is going to be built. The planks were cut down and thinned on a table saw. The planks were glue laminated and then placed along the inside  edge before being clamped to it. 

With the main elements of construction complete, all that is left for the Aeropod are the doors and small finishing touches to revitalise the fuselage frames.

Attached to the link is a short time-lapse of the construction:

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