History is right behind us.

History is right behind us.

Published by Neil MacDonald on 1st Jan 2021

DappR has been at our current premises for quite a few years now, and we know it as Woodlands Business Park...but before it was this, it was Royal AirForce Station Bury St. Edmunds.

Looking around our immediate vicinity we see many echoes of the air station it once was, and I'm not just talking about the obvious grass airstrip used by Skyward Flight Training.

There are dozens of buildings. Some still in use, others are just shells and yet more are almost buried. For those of you who know where DappR has its workshop, not 30 metres from our backdoor you will find some very strange and creepy structures and entrances. With the recent wet weather, these structures are now rather damp and more aking to an underground pool...and I'm talking of course about an air-raid shelter...crumbling, but still open and accessible.

To give it its proper name, it was the Battle HQ, complete with radio room, message dispatch room and other rooms; all accessed via a flight of 20 steps leading from the surface.

I took some pictures and have borrowed some from the Rougham Control Tower society and acknowledging Richard Flagg as the taker of the photos when the weather was more clement.

If you look at the aerial shot of the airfield, DappR, and the air-raid shelter is roughly located to the top-left at T2...difficult to tell, but not that far away.

When you come to visit DappR Aviation, ask us to take you to the shelter, quietly of course because I'm sure we're not meant to be there...but we can always walk the estate and see all of the other buildings. A fascinating walk.

Here's a link to the 9th Bomb Group - Rougham Control Tower Aviation Musem