Get to know Lenny

Get to know Lenny

3rd Sep 2019

Meet Lenny, Emily's French Bulldog puppy. Learn how he helps around the workshop and what his role in DappR Aviation consists of!

What is your role in the business?

"I keep everyone in check around the place, making sure they're doing what there are supposed to be doing. I also make sure all the seats are kept warm by laying on them, this way Sam doesn't have a cold seat to come back to."

What is your favourite product and why?

"My favourite product is the Burr Elm Drive Shaft coffee table. It is the perfect height for eating snacks off, and the occasional sandwich when someone leaves it on the edge..! It is also the same colour as patches of my fur."

Coffee Tables

What is your favourite thing about working at DappR?

"I get to hang out with mum all day and that means lots of treats! I also get a lot of attention from everyone else in the office and workshop, but that can be annoying when I am trying to eat..."

What is your favourite aircraft and why?

"The M19 Flying Squirrel, it's named after something I love to chase and bark at. Just thinking about squirrels gets me excited, let alone a plane named after one!"

What is it like working with your family?

"I really enjoy it, I get lots of attention from Sam and Emily, and it is definitely better than staying at home all day or being looked after by someone else."