BAE146 Bar, Gazelle Helicopter Art Piece and Trolley Dresser Commission

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These 3 commissions were designed for a games room. The couple that commissioned the pieces met us at a show and after a few conversations and a house visit we started work on the bar, art piece and dresser. 

The bar needed to fit perfectly in the corner of the room and have space for a drinks fridge. We found that a BAE146 jet engine cowling was the perfect size for a couple of stools and a fridge on the inside of the bar. The top edge of the cowling was polished and an oak and elm mixed wood surface was designed and made to make the most effective use of the space. Two CFM56 Jet Engine Shaft Bar Stools finish off the bar.

The Gazelle Tail art piece was designed and made to look as if it was coming out of the wall. The tail was cut in half and reconfigured with a structural backing to attach it to the wall. The tail was polished which looks stunning against the ink blue wall colour at the clients house. 

The Trolley Dresser was designed for storage. It has 3 full size hostess trolleys attached together to make this lovely usable piece of furniture. There are two shelves in the bottom section and another in the top all made in oak and elm to match the bar surfaces. We also added glass sliding doors to the front of the bottom set of trolleys. The orange doors gives the dresser a pop of colour and matches the pool table that will be in the games room. 

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