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To DappR’s founders it always seemed such a terrible waste to see aircraft fuselages scrapped at the end of their working lives.

Made from aviation grade aluminium, engineered to fly at 30,000 feet and finished by DappR to individual specifications of the highest standards, our AeroPods are unique and distinctive.
The story of the first AeroPod covers thousands of miles.
Delivered on December 9th, 2002 Airbus A320-200 TC-ATJ was initially operated by TACA the flag carrier of El Salvador until March 2009 when she moved to Turkey to be operated first by Izmir airlines and then by AtlasJet, with whom she was regularly seen across the airports of Europe. She took her last flight to the UK in November 2014.

Like most commercial airliners at the end of her working life, TC-ATJ was taken out of service, stripped down and “harvested” for spare parts. The residual air frame, whilst beautifully engineered was destined for the scrap yard until DappR intervened.
With a clear concept in mind we set to work.

DappR creates Aeropod's to their customers specification. The uses range from exhibition units made on trailers to bars and offices in your back garden. 

850.00 KGS
400.00 (cm)
240.00 (cm)
210.00 (cm)


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